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Arts & Crafts

Bjornstad's aim is to present life in the Viking age - as authentically as possible. We make as many of our artifacts as possible, by spinning wool, carving leather and wood or using the lost wax method to cast metal. Thanks to Diana for most of these photos.

A display of life a thousand years ago.

Kay and Tory's tablet weaving, lock, axe, sling, flint, steel and tinder.

Our reproduction of a Viking treasure hoard. The pieces are created by lost wax casting, recreating the original as closely as possible. Another view of the treasure. Many pieces (including clipped coins and "scrap" pieces) are reproduced from the Cuerdale Hoard, buried between 905 and 910 AD and unearthed in England in 1840. Photo by Eden Davis.

Jack's backpack.

Leatherwork on the backpack.

The cover to our illustrated manuscript.

Our copy of the 10th century Cottoniana Map of the world - on goatskin.

Kay's carved box.

The top of the box

Henrik's reproduction of a Viking comb and case.

The comb and case - open. Vikings were known for their concern for their appearance.

Axes and arrowheads

An arrowpoint for every purpose

Dan's reproduction of a Viking age lock and key.

Dan's growing set of Viking lock reproductions

Colin's water bottle, hats, brooches, rings and necklaces

Henrik's and Rick's brooches, amulets, necklaces - and Rick's arrowhead

Jack's reproduction of a crystal and red carnelian necklace found in a late ninth century Swedish site. Among the "charms" are a Khazar ornament and an English book mount. The original is inset at upper left.

A case for carrying swords and axes.

Jack's Viking tent, our shade pavilion and Douglas's Anglo-Saxon geteld.

Jack's Viking pennant.

The Bjornstad Runestone. It's our reproduction of the Stora Hammars I picture stone. There's more information here.

Even a shade canvas deserves a dragon prow.
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