Companie di Bjornstad
Photo Gallery

Our members have been involved in events that span most of Medieval history.  These photos show us in  a wide range of gear - some of it from outside known history...

Companie di Bjornstad - gathered for the Midsummer Medieval Festival

Woodland weaponry

Henrik: enthroned

Jack: a visit to the 16th century

Melinda: at ease in the castle

Annie: happy at the lake

Rick: master of the trebuchet

Brian: rock launching is going well

Jack: vigilance in the courtyard

Henrik: wary

Ed: focused

The knighting

Ed: I like this room

Jack: Who's at the door?

The chalice from the palace holds the brew that is true

The castle quintet

The Battle of Hastings - on a California hilltop

Mounted Normans

Jack: casual warrior

Ed: archer at work

Getting the point

Finding a target

Ed: Considering the options

Point of order

Have helmet...

The well-guarded door

Henrik: armed and ready

Rick: I just need a target


... is torture

Rick: archer for hire

Courtyard companions

Rick: on edge

Henrik: Knight errant

Ed and Jack: The occasional hobgoblins

Jack: up to his ears

Rick: Cold warrior

Melinda: at ease

Moving with purpose

Jack: Today's villain

Diana: early-morning filming

Henrik and Douglas: stalwarts

Ed: at the gate

Shadow warriors
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