:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Dragon Ships and the Emerald Isle
A St. Patrick's Day Presentation for Freya Lodge

The Freya Lodge of the Sons of Norway, in Santa Rosa, asked the Vikings of Bjornstad to help them celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.  We called our presentation Dragon Ships and the Emerald Isle.  The photos below were taken by Lis Barca and are included here with her gracious consent.

Marne Olson is the lodge president - and we appreciate the invitation from her, the lodge and our frequent contact, Anne-Marie Winterhalder.

The Vikings have arrived.


Our display gets better with each event.

Vikings always have a little weaponry close by.


Melinda and Ed enjoy the evening.

We've got the audience's attention.


Brian the Norseman.

Brian the Norseman with seax.


Viking treasure - from English coins to Arabic silver.

Sometimes you need to lock it up.


Henrik's armament.

And his penannular brooches.


A little of everything.

Even a new shield.


Dinner was corned beef and cabbage.

And it was great.


Jack begins the presentation that will describe the Viking impact on Ireland.

Annie takes over.


Annie covers the role - and importance - of Viking women.

Brian talks about the magnificent Viking longship.


Jack focuses on a question.

The great food didn't happen by accident.


Douglas poses.

And poses.


And poses.

Some members of Bjornstad just haven't officially joined yet.


We're having fun.

Ed and Henrik gear up.



After our presentation...we think.

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