:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Old Fort MacArthur Days
This event in Los Angeles covers military arms from Roman Legions through the modern US Army.  It hosts over 80 groups and about 700 re-enactors.

Aelfwyn, Osweald and Robert talk to the public.

Aelfwyn covers spinning and textiles.

Osweald conducts a tour through the Viking treasure hoard.

Robert, Owyn, Osweald and Aelfwyn enjoy the shade.

The Dragon Shade rises over Ft. MacArthur.

The 15th century neighbors entertain 18th century visitors.

Italy in 1470 with a side trip to the 19th century British empire.

The Polish cavalry adds aural and aromatic spice to the camp's ambience.

Camp of a Scottish Clan.

A mail shirt becomes a javelin target.

Owyn demonstrates his form.

Robert decides to join the fun - since it's his byrnie.

Steve poses by his kill shot as Dave stands by.

A bodkin pops the rivet.

David, Steve and young friend discuss the
newly created educational exhibit.

It's a Kodak moment.

Legio VI Victrix displays the evolution of Roman arms.

Legio VI also brings along their artillery.

The 16th century makes an appearance.

Embroidery skills.

English Civil War cookout.

Jim Palmer portrays an 82nd airborne soldier participating in
Operation Market Garden - which might be going a bridge too far.

American Civil War cannon battery - Confederate.

American Civil War troops - Union.

A rebel volley.

The Union line stands firm.

The rebs charge


Union gun battery as the timeline begins to blur.

A mixed-period skirmish - just for fun.

Everybody has fun.

The Korean Friendship Bell provides a backdrop.

A good time was had by all.

The end.
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