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Henrik Ibsen Park Picnic
Woodside, California - August 2013
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The Sons of Norway put on an annual picnic at the 27-acre Henrik Ibsen Park owned by the San Franciso-based Henrik Ibsen Lodge.  The park is in the Coast Range Redwoods on the San Francisco peninsula.  It's a beautiful setting for a picnic - and Vikings.  The Vikings of Bjornstad got the opportunity to join them in August, 2013.  A few photos (primarily of the park) follow.

The sign at the park's entrance

There are great views in all directions.

The Vikings of Bjornstad are set up.

In the shade of the redwoods.  Perfect.

Rick and Ed talk about Vikings

The Oseberg tapestry makes an appearance.

Ed catches up on some Bjornstad paperwork.

The club house is under renovation, but still impressive.

The park has its own restaurant.

Moose antlers hang over the entrance.

The park is laid out well for picnics.

There's even a pool.

The children's play area.

Inflatable fun.

Nothing is more Viking than a rune stone.

There's no shortage of tall timber.

The view behind Bjornstad's encampment.

It was a great day.
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