:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Leif Erikson Day
Freya Lodge, Sons of Norway
The Vikings of Bjornstad attends a variety of events during the year. Since 2009, we've worked with several lodges of the Sons of Norway for their Leif Erikson Day celebrations. Gale Satrom and the Freya Lodge invited us to their celebration in Santa Rosa. The photos below show our living history display as well as our "The Viking Art of War" show.  Photos by Fred and Dori Klink.

It's a beautiful day in Santa Rosa. Fred lends support.

Bjornstad and the Freya Lodge members found a lot to talk about. In the background, Henrik talks to Darryl Laxo.

The Sons of Norway were curious about our displays. Fred, Brian and Steve man the table.

One display table focuses on helmets and weaponry.

Ed and Henrik begin "The Viking Art of War" with a Hólmgang, while Brian and Fred look on.

Steve, Fred, Henrik, Loren, Dan, Jack, Ed and Rick demonstrate a shield wall.

Tory attacks the shield wall first with a sword, then a spear. Rick and Dan support the front-line troops from behind with spear and axe.

Brian prepares to use an arrow against the valiant defenders.


Brian would like to use an edged arrow on the shield wall - but doesn't.

Rick describes the effectiveness of the Danish axe.


Jack shows how a Viking shield can be used as an offensive weapon.

Henrik demonstrates the effectiveness of mail against a slashing attack.


Jack compares a Roman gladius with Viking age swords.

Some Viking weapons had the maker's name forged into the blade: Ulfberht in this case.

Fred contrasts Viking swords with the curved blade of a Civil War-era sabre.

Fred demonstrates a thrusting attack with a 1913 model cavalry sabre.


Three daughters of Norway check out the defensive gear.

... and the weaponry.

Then they join Kay and Dori to learn how to spin wool.

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