Companie di Bjornstad
Midsummer Medieval Festival
Castello di Amorosa

Bjornstad has become an annual part of the Midsummer Medieval Festival presented by the Castello di Amorosa winery in California's fabulous Napa valley.  The owner, Dario Sattui, was "bent on being totally authentic incorporating every element of a real 12th - 13th century Tuscan castle". The Castello offers a feast with a variety of succulent foods and its own wines. There's authentic medieval music, dance, minstrels, jugglers, and period entertainment. Companie di Bjornstad offers interactive exhibitions of medieval crafts and weaponry, including our own scaled-down trebuchet.  This year, Companie di Bjornstad provided instruction in the sword, training with bow and arrow and the chance to win a prize at a ring toss.

Companie di Bjornstad - gathered for the Midsummer Medieval Festival

The Castello di Amorosa

The castle's inner courtyard

Henrik gears up for the festival

Brian is ready to launch

Ed mans the archery range

Dan gives out prizes for the ring toss

A little peek at the sights and sounds of the festival.


Davien: man-at-arms

Douglas tests the sword pell

Yoko and Annie wait for the revelers to arrive

Henrik, Jack and Dan are ready

Guests get to see the medieval sport of falconry

A medieval choral group

Bjornstad provides banners and shields to set the mood

Lots of photo opportunities

Clearly there's nothing intimidating about Douglas and Ed

The festival is underway

Bjornstad rewards archery prowess

Two 13th century knights, Peter of Savoy, Earl of Richmond, d. 1268 and William Longespée, Earl of Salisbury, d. 1276, become our archery targets

Peter and William stand their ground

Brian and Ed show how it's done

The festival-goers enjoy testing their skills

Henrik teaches guests to attack the pell, a sword-fighting training aid

Swordplay needs a little room

And the pell gets a real workout

Brian looses a feathered shaft

Archery draws a steady stream of guests

The ring toss generates oohs and ahs

Jack, Ed and Brian represent armed 13th century archers

The ring toss area - in the Lower Courtyard

The sword pell - with Henrik and Yoko

Bjornstad stays busy all evening

The food is medieval, too

Another guest takes up the sword

The archery targets demonstrate their hinged heads

Everyone enjoys a good shot

Just another great day at the Castello

Even crowned heads enjoy a little sport

Night falls and the fun continues

Firedancing is a dramatic part of the evening
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