:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Historiska Museet / Museum of National Antiquities
Stockholm, Sweden - Summer, 2001
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The Stockholm museum has a large variety of Viking Age objects.  One of the most fascinating is the Mästermyr box, which held a collection of metal- and wood-working tools that demonstrate how little hand tools have changed in a thousand years.

Vendel arms, ca. 7th - 8th Century AD

Out-of-focus Vendel helmet


Some of the tools found in the Mästermyr chest

Another view of the Mästermyr artifacts


Reproduction of a Viking home interior

Carved stone


The Möjbro Runestone. An example of a bottom-to-top, right-to-left runic inscription.

The Rök Runestone. It contains the longest known stone runic inscription.


Viking era warp-weighted loom.

Wool dyed to reproduce available colors.


12th Century church pew

Carved back of the pew

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