:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Vikingskib Museet / Viking Ship Museum
Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

Oslo, Norway - Summer, 2001
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The Viking Ship museum houses a wide array of Viking artifacts, some of which were part of the Oseberg and Gokstad ship burials.  The exhibit is known for the many household items buried with the woman who is believed to have been a queen named Åsa.

The Oseberg cart. Jack included for scale...

Carvings on the Oseberg cart


Wheel of the Oseberg cart

Top and bottom for a backpack


Riveted cauldron

Beautiful gold belt fittings


Bread-making "tray"

Knife, bowls and platter


Oseberg Pails

Oseberg boots - out of focus



End of the chest and yarn niddy-noddy


The only Viking saddle found to date

Another view of the saddle

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