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Norway Day Festival
Fort Mason, San Francisco, California
Norway Day celebrates all things Norwegian and is attended by 5,000 annually, staffed entirely by volunteers.  Here's the link to their web page.  The main purposes of the festival are:
1) To promote and maintain a mutually satisfactory relationship between Norway and the USA.
2) To help descendants of Norwegian immigrants appreciate and retain contact with their heritage.
3) To promote "Modern Norway" by calling attention to all the good things that have been accomplished by the "Norway Today," especially in the areas of technology, ecology, and world diplomacy.

The Vikings of Bjornstad have been a part of the festival for the last few years.  Here are some photos from those festivals.

A beautiful day in San Francisco

It's an early morning at Fort Mason - before the crowd arrives

Well, it would make a portage easier...

Welcome to Norway Day in the Festival Pavilion

Spinning wheels and Norwegian settings

The booth for our friends from Hayward - before they arrive to open up

Home sweet home

Bjornstad gathers for some photos on the pier

Was it something I said?

A united front

The doors open and the day gets started

Guests love taking photos with Vikings

The Charlies bring a little sass to the day

Brian and Jack about to interviewed about the movie Thor.  See our comments on the film here and the interview here.

The Viking Art of War - a small audience the first year

Kay talks about axes

Annie is joined by Cindy Warner, SF Arts and Culture Examiner at Examiner.com, who is clearly enjoying herself.  Here's Cindy's article on her experiences at Norway Day.

Cindy's a born Viking...

It has been a long day

I have no clue what this means...but I like it

More happy guests

Another great day draws to a close
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