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Norwegian Public Television: Filmbonanza
Tilden Park, Berkeley, California - September 2013
The Filmbonanza web site
The Vikings of Bjornstad's web site includes one of the most popular Viking movie pages on the Internet.  It lists - and comments on - dozens of Viking movies.  We were contacted in September, 2013, by the producers of Filmbonanza, a program on Norwegian Public Television, asking to videotape our recommendations for Viking movies. Here are the resulting video and a few photos of the session in Tilden Park in the hills above Berkeley.  Photos by Susan Garrett, Ed Berland and Colin Adams.  Video by Dan Adlerstein.

Home sweet home.

Brian and Rick provide some background activity.

Jack gets ready to recommend a few movies.

We get to do it repeatedly...

The Vikings of Bjornstad - on Norwegian Public Television. 
This is the Viking movies segment as it was broadcast on the 18 October 2013 episode of the series Filmbonanza.


Rick, Kay, Colin and Brian are today's Vikings.

Colin is a very wealthy Viking warrior.

Brian and Ed demonstrate Viking archery.

Henrik, off camera, is the target.

Let's see how close we can miss him.

Ed draws a bead...

Dan Adlerstein is behind the camera.

Now what was it I wanted to say about that movie?

Tilden provides nice scenery - and a little vehicle noise...

How was that?
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