:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Scottish Highland Gathering and Games
Pleasanton, California
One of the largest Scottish games events in the world, the Caledonian Club has put on the games since 1865.  Held in Pleasanton, California, about 50,000 guests attend each year.  Usually our largest show of the year.  Photos by Melinda Hughes-Berland, Ed Berland and Colin Adams

The Vikings of Bjornstad - contributing to Scottish history


Bjornstad arms and armor

Our display of Norse culture continues to grow


There goes the neighborhood

The Vikings launch a surprise attack on the Scots


The Scots organize and move forward

The clan chief, Diarmid Campbell (Richard Brown), is the lone casualty.  We think he died of shock.


Brian handles the archery portion of The Viking Art of War

Brian simulates an arrow launch.  Kay simulates gravity.

Colin demonstrates his leatherworking skills

Another visitor gets the full experience

Annie and Tory get ready to talk about Viking culture

Justin gives posing his dramatic best


Charlie interviews Henrik for his book on learning history from re-enacting.

Kay - on a mission


Brian and Ed losing a battle with a hauberk. 
(Photo from the Contra Costa Times.)

Annie, Tory and Kay take advantage of the shade


Charlie plays the sax

Brian makes a point


Henrik, with an axe to grind

Rick, looking for a bridge to defend


Charlie the Viking warrior

Douglas educates the crowd


Swords, shields - and an axe

Eagle and raven


Henrik and Ed provide a little combat

Douglas, the Viking trader, makes a deal


Bjornstad in a quiet moment

Charlie joins The Viking Art of War to talk about the sax


Kite shields

Round shields


Fred stands sentry

Justin - triumphant


Rick vs. the shield wall

Ed mourns his fallen comrades


Fred, Brian and Steve watch the action

Jack and Ed discuss the events of the day


Brian surveys the middle distance

Ed's ready for his closeup


Douglas, relaxed

Annie brought her axe


Kay and Tory enjoy the games

Jack gets ready for battle


Steve and Henrik display their kite shields

Viking era helmets: Ocular and Wenceslaus types


A well-armed group

Barbarians at the gates


Ed and Steve - spearmen

Ed stands ready

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