:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Ravensborg - A Viking Longfort
 "The Return of the Dead"
October/November 2016
Ravensborg is a reproduction of a Viking longfort on beautiful property owned by Sam Shoults.  Its construction has been aided by a growing group of dedicated, and skilled, volunteers.  It strives to achieve an authentic depiction of a Viking Longfort as it would have appeared along the Scandinavian trade routes of the Viking Age.  It opens up to the public twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, and fills with Viking re-enactors.  It's four miles Northeast of Knox City, Missouri. If you're mapping it, it's at 40.169921, -91.961006.  In 2016, Jack, Ed and Henrik journeyed from the San Francisco Bay Area to join in the fun.

Our first view of Ravensborg.  Impressive.

The front gate beckons

Ravensborg has a raised berm around it and wooden defenses

A lot of work has gone into the construction.  The longhall.

The forge

A tent, the Angus house and another building going up

There's even a runestone

The long house, complete with firepit

Ready for Vikings

Jack and Bjornstad have arrived

Jack, Henrik and Ed enjoying themselves

Annika sets up her stall

We should have read the runes...

A helmet for all occasions

Fun for the whole family

Thora, temporarily at rest

The kitchen

The oven

It's a hike and hunt

The neighbors

Training begins

Youth versus experience

Jeff holds them off

A one-on-one duel

The warriors gather on the hillside

A little instruction

The weather cooperated nicely

Sam works at the firepit

Over 60 Vikings joined the fun

The Bjornstad tent provided a little shade and shelter

Visitors and shoppers drop in

Jeff has an Old Norse T-shirt:

"Af sæmd kemr máttr"

"From honor comes strength", more or less

Jeff in his dinner finery

Ed visiting with the neighbors

Nope, that's not an outhouse in the middle - it's a storage shed

Young Vikings

Arts and crafts on the bench

Lena sells fabric

Bjornstad is between the buildings and behind Lena's trading stall

A geteld-style tent

Derek gears up

It's time for battle

Combatants doing what combatants do

Henrik watches the warriors gather

One in the middle, and the others take on the fighter one at a time

Waiting for his turn

Fighters choose their weapons

"I hit him right about there..."

Learning how to do it

Waiting for the outcome

A horsetail helmet

The Angus family.  A wooden sword will have to do for now.

The Bjornstad runestone traveled 2,000 miles to make an appearance...

... and the base broke

The archery and axe-throwing range

Henrik provides some advice and counsel

Ed helps Madison

Henrik and Madison throw some axes

Henrik nails it

Jack likes the pattern

Ed and Annika pose for a shot

Cindy joins in

Annika, Cindy and Susan (I think)

Nice bling

Evening approaches

The shadows get longer

The sun sets on the encampment

The clouds do their best to be photogenic

Dinner in the longhouse (and it was much darker than this appears)

The incredible meal included venison, pork, chicken, blueberries and a half-dozen other dishes

The raven tent at sunset

On Sunday, Jack visits the boat shed

Henrik adds an owl figurehead

Ravensborg, 2016

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