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The Vikings of Bjornstad on Film
Bjornstad's aim is to present life in the Viking age - as authentically as possible. But ... we like to have fun. Dennis Eustace was making a low-budget fantasy film and needed a horde of amateur hobgoblins. On 23 August 2009, a half-dozen of us joined the cast of 'Runewood' in a warehouse in Emeryville, CA. An early trailer for 'Runewood' is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8WObbDORFM. Photos by Ed Berland and Jack Garrett.

Our merry band of hobgoblins - before makeup.
From left, Alfred, Josh, Tory, Kay, Rick and Jack. Ed's behind the camera.

Dennis, the director, sets up the next shot.

Roshan turned Tory into a hobgoblin with latex prosthetics and makeup.

Ed's ready to go looking for elves.

Alfred and Jack join in.

And so do Tory and Kay.

Is it silly in here, or is it just me?.

The party of elven adventurers gathers behind the set.

Kay couldn't pick her role, but she could pick her nose ...

Are YOU lookin' at me???

Elven mystical signs and symbols.

Time for the next shot.

Ambushes take forever to set up.

A coif means you get to skip the ear prosthetics.

The battle rages in the caverns.

The elves use spells and potions to defeat the hobgoblins. Seems unfair.

Years later, the two-second beginning of this video is all that's available of our efforts...

A face only a hobgoblin mother could love.
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