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The Wedding of Somerled and Ragnhild
The Viking Impact on Scottish History

On the 9th and 10th of September, 2006, Bjornstad first joined with the Highlander Warriors to recreate the wedding, in 1140 AD, of Somerled, a Scottish prince, to Ragnhild, a Viking princess. Their marriage resulted in 50 years of relative peace and stability for the Isle of Man and the nearby islands. Members of Bjornstad wrote the script and provided props and actors. The venue was the Pleasanton (California) Highland Games, put on by the Caledonian Club of San Francisco. Around 50,000 visitors come to the games each year, making it one of the largest Scottish gatherings in the world. Since this debut effort, we've presented the play on two other occasions.

Kjartan and Diarmid demonstrate Viking and Scottish relations in 1140.

The Vikings arrive for the wedding.

Kjartan is resigned, but not happy about the union.

Ragnhild and Somerled profess their love.

Gwenifer and Katie the Viking handmaidens stand ready...

King Olaf defends why the match should be made.

Gunnar is not pleased at having Scottish in-laws.

Harold, brother to Olaf, describes the dowry - and the bride-price.

King Olaf is displeased with the opposition to the wedding.

Diana watches the ceremony.

The wedding vows have been taken.

The wedding party cheers for the bride and groom.

Douglas and Diarmid rehearse making up.

Ragnhild and Somerled celebrate their marriage and his becoming the Lord of the Isles.
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