:: The Vikings of Bjornstad ::
Special Kids Day
with the Lions Clubs at the de Luna Ranch in Brentwood
Since 2010, The Vikings of Bjornstad have joined the Lions Club chapters from Contra Costa and Alameda counties to provide a day of fun and food for 1,300 disabled and disadvantaged kids.  It's a rewarding day for everyone.  Most photos by Ed Berland, Danny de Luna and Jack Garrett.

The Vikings of Bjornstad have arrived

Our hosts, Maggie and René de Luna

Rick and John talk Viking to interested guests

John supports Falcon, the littlest Viking

John, Rick and Jack, with John's tent in the background

Ed (from head to foot, this time)

Henrik's spear draws some interest.

John conducts some Viking martial arts training.

Dad seeks approval.

Rick, Henrik, Ed and the Bjornstad banner.

Henrik, Rick, Brian and Kay enjoy the shade.

Kay shares wool working techniques

It doesn't get any better than this.

"Slowly I turned..."

Jack repairs the damage done by mail moths.

Ed watches the link-by-link progress.

Norseman and cub scouts.

Jack and Maggie de Luna.

Maggie and Ed toast the day's visitors.

Rick edges away from the axe.

Legio X Fretensis represents first century Romans.

Robert Garbisch and Maggie smile for the camera.

Maggie joins the combined guilds of St. Genesius and St. Barbaras in the 16th century.

Everyone needs a hat - of some kind.

Henrik watches the action, practicing his stern look.

A conversation in the glade.

Vikings and Romans - neighbors for the day.
Legio X Fretensis displays the evolution of Roman equipment.

Siege engines are always popular...

... even with the hosts.

Everyone should be Viking for a day.

Brian sorts through maps and wool.

Ed, Rick and Henrik gear up.

Maggie visits the Vikings.

Bunnies come in all shapes and sizes. 

Robert and Ed have a new friend.

Two trebuchets provide the heavy firepower.

Lock and load.

Kay enjoys the day.

Ed shares his wargear.

Reaching across the centuries.

Learning how to launch a Roman javelin.

Some guests brought their own transportation.
Brian strikes a pose.

Getting in on the ground floor of this Viking business.

Ready ... aim ...

Balloons are always good to have around.

It wouldn't be a Viking encampment without an array of weapons.

The centurion makes a point.

There's a Klingon warbird in orbit, apparently.

Group photo.

Not sure where that one's going to land ...

It has been a good day.

Vikings in the afternoon.

Another satisfied customer.

Everyone contributed to making the day a success.
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