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The Epic of Wayhelm
The Vikings of Bjornstad on Film
On 03 Dec 2005, Regia Anglorum of North America and The Vikings of Bjornstad provided actors and props for "The Epic of Wayhelm" a student film for the Academy of Art University. The project was designed to be a "six minute epic" demonstrating how modern film and digital techniques could produce grand art on a limited budget. Note that this was NOT intended to be historically accurate!

The director sets up a shot while Diana Kaboos, Tory Parker and Kay Tracy look on.

The film location overlooks the southern end of San Francisco bay.

Filming is going well.

Wayhelm the Shanarian (played by Douglas Sunlin) and his wife Jela (Marcela Zamarripa) enjoy a meal in the sun.

Jela becomes pregnant - with padding! Looks like fun ...

The director films Wayhelm and Jela enjoying life as trouble looms.

The evil General Fen is about to make life miserable for Wayhelm and Jela.

Alfred Nuñez is a soldier in the General's army.

Diana Kaboos is ready for her close-up.

Jack Garrett portrays General Fen.

Henrik Olsgaard conserves his energy on a brisk December morning.

The weather cooperates beautifully. It poured down rain two days earlier.

Fen's lieutenant (Michael Costa) cuts down Wayhelm - from a safe distance.

Wayhelm isn't having a good day.

The attacking army plans its pillaging campaign.

With care from Tobin, a kindly traveler, Wayhelm recovers.

Having taken Jela, General Fen ravages the countryside. Puns intended.

Pillaging can be fun.

Now leading his own army, Wayhelm surveys a burning village.

Jela dies in a hail of arrows.

Wayhelm is overcome with grief.

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