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The Vikings of Bjornstad is a living history and educational group, concentrating on the Viking age - from 793 through 1066 AD. We strive for an authentic presentation of the culture, weapons and crafts from a thousand years ago, including Viking, Norman and Anglo-Saxon re-enactment.

Bjornstad has been filmed twice for History Channel productions and has provided extras, weaponry, clothing and props for several independent film projects. Our members provided authentic weapon sound effects for How to Train Your Dragon and historic authenticity consulting for Hammer of the Gods, a British Viking movie released in 2013.  Bjornstad’s members work with educational and Scandinavian heritage groups to provide a balanced view of one of history’s most fascinating periods and cultures.

Most of our members live in the extended San Francisco Bay Area, currently north to Santa Rosa and Fort Bragg, east to Stockton and south to San Jose. We attend events and group meetings throughout the year; see our Calendar of Events to check out the schedule.

Our Calendar of Events: What we'll be doing next, and where  How to Join Bjornstad. Vikings of all ages, whether by heritage or inclination, are always welcome. 
About Bjornstad: Who we are, what we've done and where we've been  Bjornstad Home: Information and photos of our group and our gear 
Photos of our group at our cultural and educational Bjornstad Events  Viking Reference information for historical researchers, re-enactors, gamers and enthusiasts 
Museum Photos of Viking artifacts around the world  See The Vikings of Bjornstad on Film.
And on television, in movies, in publicity campaigns and in plays!
Viking Movies: The best list on the web, with our comments and recommendations 
Links to organizations, people and books you might find interesting  Kit Links to vendors of Viking clothing, weaponry, armor and more 
The Companie di Bjornstad: When we really want to get Medieval...  The Buccaneers of Bjornstad: Add six or seven centuries to the Viking age... 

The Vikings of Bjornstad have been involved in a wide range of fascinating - and fun - projects.

We've set up our Viking Age encampment at:

And ... at most of our events we perform "The Viking Art of War", a 15 to 20 minute demonstration of Viking age weapons and tactics.

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