:: Vikings Groups Around the World ::

Our goal here is to display photos of Viking groups - and events - from around the world.  We want to show what Viking groups have accomplished and have had fun doing. And, of course, a little friendly competition toward authenticity, skill and ingenuity never hurt anyone. There’s no cost and no payment; it’s just a family photo album.  If your group isn't included below, contact us at info@vikingsofbjornstad.com.  We'd love to add your group.

Viking Groups and Events

Hurstwic, New England, USA

Mannfall II, a battle and expedition, Czech Republic

Marobud, Czech Republic

Polyudye, a winter caravan battle and expedition, Popelkovo, Russia

Regia Anglorum, England

Timberhavn Vikings, Oregon, USA

Varangian Guards, Moscow, Russia

Vikings of Bjornstad, California, USA

Wolves ov Odin,
California, USA
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