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About Us

"The Vikings of Bjornstad" is a living history and educational group, concentrating on the Viking era, usually defined as 793 AD to 1066 AD.  

Bjornstad works with educational institutions, Scandinavian and Scottish heritage groups to provide a balanced view of one of history’s most fascinating periods and cultures. Bjornstad has been filmed twice for History Channel productions and has provided extras, weaponry, clothing and props for several independent film projects. Our members provided authentic weapon sound effects for How to Train Your Dragon and we've provided historic authenticity consulting for Hammer of the Gods, a British Viking movie released in 2013. 

Vikings of all ages, whether by heritage or inclination, are always welcome to join us as members. We welcome everyone and ask only that those under 16 be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We strive for authentic Viking Age clothing, crafts and gear, but we know that's a goal to work toward and we all have to start somewhere. Annual membership to the group is $20.

We are associated with The Vikings North America, with most of our members living in the extended San Francisco Bay Area, currently north to Santa Rosa and Fort Bragg, east to Stockton and south to San Jose. We attend events and group meetings throughout the year; see our Calendar of Events to check out the schedule.

The Vikings of Bjornstad have been involved in a wide range of fascinating - and fun - projects.

  • Annually, we present 5 hours of Viking lecture, demonstration and hands-on interaction for Professor Costanza Dopfel and her class on Barbarian cultures at St. Mary's College in Moraga, California
  • In September, 2013, we provided a filmed segment recommending Viking movies for Norwegian Public Television.
  • In December, 2012, we joined Dr. Pete Worden, Director of NASA Ames Research, and his staff for a photo shoot as part of their campaign to inspire interest in a new generation of satellite technology.
  • In November, 2011, we presented a seminar on the Vikings for the Renaissance Society on the CSU Sacramento campus
  • In October, 2010, we presented a seminar on the Vikings' influence on our world as part of the Oakmont Sunday Symposium series
  • We join the Lions Club at their annual Special Kids Day event for children with special needs
  • In August, 2009, we provided a hobgoblin troop for a student fantasy film, Runewood
  • On December 3rd, 2005 we provided a non-historic barbarian horde for an Academy of Art University student film, The Epic of Wayhelm
  • In January 2005 we filmed the host segments for an episode of The Conquerors about William the Conqueror, with actor and military advisor Dale Dye, for the History Channel
  • In July 2004 we provided the actors for the Battle of Hastings (fought in 1066) segment of Command Decisions, also for the History Channel
  • In 2002 we went as a group to see the "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga" exhibit at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles

We've set up our Viking Age encampment at:

  • The Leif Erikson Viking Fest held by the Freya Lodge of the Sons of Norway, in Santa Rosa
  • The "Sprint the Pier" races hosted by the North Bay Vikings (associated with the Bay Area Whaleboat Rowing Association) in Berkeley
  • The Dixon Scottish Games in Dixon
  • Schools throughout the extended San Francisco Bay Area from Santa Rosa to Santa Cruz
  • Tartan Day in Fremont, California
  • The Dunsmuir House Scottish Games in Oakland
  • The Livermore Scottish Games in Livermore
  • The Old Fort MacArthur Days Military Reenactment Show in Los Angeles
  • The Calaveras County Celtic Faire in Angels Camp
  • The Celtic Nations Festival in Vacaville

And ... at most of our events we perform "The Viking Art of War", a 15 to 20 minute demonstration of Viking age weapons and tactics.

We meet about once a month in the extended San Francisco Bay Area or provide a living history display at one of the many events we attend.

Bjornstad's Officers:

  • Jack Garrett is the Group Leader
  • Ed Berland is the Authenticity Officer
  • Tory Parker is the Treasurer
  • Henrik Olsgaard is the Training Officer

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